OccupyDataNYC / by Katie Edmonds

This weekend I participated in a hack day with grad students and professionals from around NY, to create various visual representations of data about the Occupy movement. We will present our work at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center at the OWS ShareDay on Saturday March 31st from 3-6pm.

Our project attempts to generate a visual, event-triggered timeline of user-created and broadcast media. The aim is to facilitate a comparative view of the media published after an event, so as to see how its message changes over time. One hypothesis is that when citizen observers post videos about an event, the new story changes as more visual record of an event is released to the public. Our timeline is bracketed by the dataset released last week of Occupy related tweets, so we elected to use the November 15th evacuation of Zuccotti park as our first test case.

More info to come.