Diversity and Specialization / by Katie Edmonds

Do you know someone who is very good at many things? I've started to pay attention to people's pursuit of new skills, and see that more often than not the most interesting and capable people are always looking to become good at something new.

In this context, I started looking into use of the term "microspecialization". It pops up in the legal practice and database management most frequently, so the term isn't used to  identify the tendency to cultivate small bits of expertise, building a personal and diverse collection of abilities.

I instinctively view this as a positive and rewarding version of a dilettante's approach to building a life full of accomplishments. Aristotle's critique of government followed a similar line of thought, proposing that an approach could be executed well or poorly.  So what shall we call the superior version of a dilettante?

image source: http://www.visualthesaurus.com/