Present State: Knowing What's Behind You Without Looking by Katie Edmonds

Never being able to relax when you're walking in the neighborhood.

First person account of the present state:

"I get a feeling when someone is is behind me, I feel their presence. Living in the projects the becomes a natural thing. I don’t even know I’m doing it.."

Design criteria: Our design should eliminate the need to know what's behind you without looking.

Present State: No Trespassing by Katie Edmonds

Outsiders must be prepared to state their business.

First person account of the present state:

"No trespassing don’t come here. If you’re not from here or don’t have family here, or associates of some sort. If you didn’t come to school in the area, grow up in the area, it might really be trouble for you."

Design criteria: Our design should increase trust for outsiders.

Present State: In the Field by Katie Edmonds

Describing how competitive relationships transcend location.

First person account of the present state:

"When we’re in the field we’re playing the game. There are different types of players, hustlers, hitters, gangsters. Things happen all the time while playing in the field. Hanging out, people getting hurt, some people get hospitalized, some die. It’s not a game."

Design criteria: Our design should infuse resources so competition and coopeartion is generative not descructive


About the Stories by Katie Edmonds

With so many residents packed into a small area, especially when resources are scarce, public space is both limited and highly contested.

Considering that space reflects the social power structures that shape that space, what might a space look like that reflects the actual needs and identities of these residents?

These stories were created after a day in the field shooting video of one such contested space surrounding three housing projects in Brownsville. Upon replaying this media we identified some moving themes that we observed from our time in the field, and the exchanges that took place as we reviewed that media.

Preferred State: The Switch by Katie Edmonds

The experience of having undertaken a lifestyle transition.

First person account of the preferred state:

"I switched. Before the switch I was being low key, playing the field. Doing things I’m not proud of. After the switch I gave myself goals to reach so I don’t settle for where I am. Now I know where I’m gonna go and I know how I’m gonna get there."

Design criteria : Our design should induce a switch