"When the Brownsville Community Justice Center won a small city grant to erect an informational kiosk beneath the elevated 3 train tracks last fall, it seemed like a fun project for the group's youth photography club. No one expected it would provoke a firestorm." (link)

"The 'Best of Brownsville' kiosk went viral and we want to engage the conversation. Although this is a locally grown project, it's been cited as a sign of gentrification." (link)

"Cognito Comics today launched Operation Ajax, a dazzling graphic novel for iPad, in a bid to reinvent storytelling for the digital age." (link)


"Operation Ajax is the story of the CIA efforts to overthrow the government of Iran in 1953, packaged as an interactive digital graphic novel that offers a range of multimedia elements seamlessly woven together. While its chapters open with animated sequences that make it look like a film, its pages are organized as comics, although the panels are dynamic, filling in the page as you read. The panels also offer additional information in the form of "dossiers," supplemental content about each character revealed as the reader moves further into the story." (link)


Distributed by New Day Films, Winner of the Golden Gate Award for Best Bay Area Documentary, San Francisco International Film Festival 2007, co-produced by Lateral Films and ITVS, The Key of G is a documentary about disability, caregiving and interdependence. The film follows Gannet, a charismatic 22-year-old with physical and developmental disabilities, as he leaves his mother's home to share an apartment with a close-knit group of artists and musicians who support him, not only as paid caregivers, but also as friends. Together they create a uniquely successful model of supported living, and a compelling alternative to institutionalized care.