I produce high impact outcomes for my clients by helping them integrate design thinking into commercial, social and technological innovation. Every project I work on expands beyond traditional categories, as my specialty is navigating boundaries that separate private & public sectors, services & products, production & research.

My focus within this broad landscape is design for public good. I am specifically interested in methods which facilitate communication, cooperation and co-creation between designer and users to produce unique and provocative outcomes.

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design strategy, participatory methods

How might New York City develop smart city innovation from the bottom up?

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NYC Mayor's Office of Innovation & Technology

Brownsville Community Justice Center

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Design Research, Feature Development, Prototyping & Iteration

How might we jumpstart a dysfunctional food system?

Creative Direction, Content Design, Copywriting

Accessible tools for new service designers

Research, Feature Development, Copywriting

How might we envision a future without gridlock?