"The Service Design Jam is a weekend-long workshop held every year in late Feb/early March. The goal is to develop new services, including brainstorming, researching, prototyping, and sharing. 
After revealing the Jam’s secret theme on Friday night, we’ll break into teams and start working. The challenge is to identify and understand a real-world need, ideate and prototype concepts, and deliver a solution by Sunday afternoon.
You will have an awesome time and connect with passionate people from your community, and from all over the globe. You will make cool prototypes and pieces of work like videos, customer journeys, service blueprints and more! You will experience how a structured innovation process can produce robust, concrete and human-centered results, in just one weekend.
This is a weekend for you to ask “Why” like a kid, dream big, forget convention, and just make stuff.  So put your design thinking hat on, and let your creativity fly!"

I was asked to create a resource for participants in the 2016 Service Design Jam by the local organizers. Working with a graphic designer who was new to service design we created a deck of methods cards operating under a few self imposed criteria.

  • Modularity: The methods work best when they're applied throughout the design process, but no two projects are the same, so selecting the right methods for the project is essential. We wanted to communicate that each method was its own moment, not just a step in a linear and automated process.
  • Interdependence: Each method was designed to build on the others, not operate in a conceptual vacuum. 
  • Collaborative: We realize that under time constrained work situation team consensus can be a real obstacle to momentum. Each method was articulated with this in mind. Our aim was to both embrace natural leadership and maximize the benefits of a plurality of perspectives.

We're proud of the outcome and I continue to share these cards with anyone interested in teaching or learning service design. 

Download your own set here!